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Doing it for Michelle and Dreams2Live4

Doing it for Michelle and Dreams2Live4

On May 18, Sam Collins will be running his first ultra-marathon (a 50km race) in the Blue Mountains at the Ultra Trail Australia (UTA) running festival.

Sam had been training for this race months before finding out a friend and colleague, Michelle Murray who had previously battled breast cancer, received the news she has sadly had a relapse with a limited prognosis. In light of that, Sam decided to start a fundraising campaign in honour of Michelle.

“I’ve known Michelle for about five years, working with her at the Orange Health Service in the Intensive Care Unit. When I was a new grad, she was one of the senior nurses that I really looked up to and enjoyed working with.”

Sam continued, “I wouldn’t do this for just anyone- she’s a pretty special lady and honestly one of the most caring nurses I’ve ever probably worked with. I’ve always admired the way she cares for her patients and I’ve tried to model the kind of nursing care that I have learnt from her and what I see her do.”

“I don’t ever see her not doing anything, she’s always helping someone. Despite her cancer coming back, she’s been really keen to keep working which I really admire, it’s been challenging for her at times because she does have days that she is quite unwell, though she’s keen to work as long as she can and live as normal life as possible.”

“When I asked Michelle if I could fundraise in honour of her, she was quick to suggest that I fundraise for ‘Dreams2Live4’ as she is currently getting support from them.” ‘Dreams2Live4’ - is the only charity in Australia that makes dreams come true for adults living with metastatic cancer, they empower adults to dream and find purpose again.

Sam is no stranger to competing in marathon competitions although this will be his longest distance and biggest test, “I just want to know I have trained as best I can for it and finish knowing I have nothing left in the tank and have given it my all, at the moment I’m trying to train to get to that point, getting 50-70kms in a week.”

When it comes to it Sam will have to run with mandatory items including a rain jacket, thermal top and leggings, a head lamp, water and food etc. “With the weather as it is in the Blue Mountains it is quite likely to change often, so you’ve got to carry everything and be prepared.”

“My goal was to raise $5,000 though amazingly that was raised in the first week or so, we’ve now raised the bar to $10,000 which I am quite confident we will reach.” 

“It has been so amazing for Michelle to see all of this support and to have so many people leaving kind words and messages on the fundraising page. Anyone who has worked with Michelle knows just how caring she is and how compassionately she looks after her patients - she is a role-model for us all.”

To donate please follow the link https://give.everydayhero.com/au/running-for-dreams we wish both Sam and Michelle the best of luck!

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Maybe we all need a good dose of this……

Maybe we all need a good dose of this……

Stockman’s Ridge

Stockman’s Ridge