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And I thought I had all the good ideas!

And I thought I had all the good ideas!

Isn’t it amazing how sometimes, even what appears to be the simplest of ideas can prove to be a real winner?

That happened last week in our office.

One of my writers, Jonathan Roe, Jono to his friends, suggested we introduce to our Thumbs section the opportunity for readers to give a Thumbs up to an eating place, but with an interesting twist. He suggested that a particular dish or menu item should be mentioned.

Wow! That’s a great idea I thought, and I immediately started to think about some of the great meals or things I’ve eaten around Orange, and there’s been plenty of them. With Orange being such a foodie place, this seems like a lay down misere idea. If that expression is unknown to you, ask someone “older” who has played the card game “500”.

Anyway, let’s do it! Let’s make it official and invite you, among any of the regular Thumbs up you might want to send us, to now keep in mind to send us a Thumbs up about a particular meal, dish, menu item or any food item from any food outlet, that you feel others should try. Let me give you a personal favourite to start the ball rolling – Thumbs up to Café Latte – their Chicken Crepe with chilli sauce and sun-dried tomato is De-licious!

I’m sure you get the idea.

Our Thumbs are a very popular part of Orange City Life, if not the most popular segment, and I know people who make a B-line for them as soon as they pick up their weekly copy. I like them because they acknowledge people doing good things and as many of you would know, bringing out the best in people is part of our Mission Statement.

Of course, some people use them for Thumbs Down in an attempt to bag or dis-credit a person or an organisation when their expectations haven’t been met for one reason or another. This is not in the spirit of what we’re after and for that reason, many Thumbs down, particularly those that name people, don’t see the light of day. We don’t want to set ourselves up as judge and jury and of course, there’s always two sides to most stories.

All that said, please give some thought to sending us any Thumbs up you’d like to about something from a local food outlet that tickled your taste buds. And not just food, if you’d like to mention a great tasting wine, beer or even a product like the locally made curry paste we featured a couple of weeks back, send them in.

For those who may not have sent us a Thumbs up yet, unbelievable as that may be, you can send them in any of the following ways -  SMS: 0459 022 084 (Standard SMS rates apply) EMAIL: reception@oclife.com.au, Facebook: Inbox ‘Orange City Life’, Phone: 6361 3575,  or drop into our office at Suite 3/241 Lords Place.

C’mon folks! Show us your Thumbs!

Jack Evans - People of O-Town

Jack Evans - People of O-Town

Will’s great experience

Will’s great experience