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Easter Reflections

Easter Reflections


Mary Magdalene On Easter Day

Mary Magdalene was crying at the tomb,

Her whole demeanor was one of gloom.

Mary’s Saviour and friend had died,

He was cruelly tortured and crucified.

As Mary cried she bent down low

And what she saw brought more woe.

For the body of Jesus definitely was not there,

Two men in white, a folded napkin, the rest was bare.


‘’Why are you crying?’’ Asked the two in white.

As if there was no room for grief in their sight.

 But Mary was grieving the loss of her friend,

Whom she expected to be there to the end.

‘’They have taken away my Lord!’’ she angrily snorted,

‘’I don’t know where they’ve put him!’’ Mary retorted.

There’s no help here, Mary felt dismay,

So she turned around to go on her way.


Only to be blocked by another, now I’m caught,

No escape! Must be the gardener, she thought,

‘’Tell me where you’ve put him, if you’ve taken him away?’’

‘’Mary!’’ was the only word Jesus needed to say.

‘’Teacher!’’ Mary said with many tears of joy,

With much elation, fear, shock, love and alloy.

‘’Don’t hold me Mary, for I must go to the Father.

Go and tell everyone whom I call my brother.’’


So to the disciples Mary went,

For from the Master she had been sent,

Telling them the Lord she has seen

When at the tomb she had been.

Relating all that Jesus had told her,

That he was to return to his Father.

And to the One who is our Father.

To the One who was His God,

And the One who is our God.


-        Trevor Windon

 This piece by Trevor Windon captures some of the history and sentiment that is “Easter” for those who call themselves Christians.

This “Easter Story” will be retold in Churches here in Orange and right across the World this weekend, and for many who hear it, their lives will change forever.

If you’d like to hear more about why Easter is so important to so many people, why not visit a local Christian Church this weekend to hear what is said?

Happy Easter everyone!

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