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Hello Neighbours - Bella's Burgers/Post Office

Hello Neighbours - Bella's Burgers/Post Office

Spring Hill is not only home to the best burger in the Central West — it’s home to 20!

At Bella’s Bistro, the local takeaway attached to the village post office, you will find one of the most extensive burger menus this writer has come across. From the hearty Bella Burger to the petite, carb-loaded Scallop Snack Burger, the crunchy Chicken Caesar Burger to the spicy Chilli Burger or Mega Brekky Roll — Bella’s Bistro is a burger lover’s heaven.

In fact, last year Triple M Central West awarded the village takeaway the coveted title of ‘Best Burgers in the Central West’ after polling their listeners.

“We are known for burgers — definitely! We get a lot of people who walk in and say, ‘I've been told I have to come here and have a burger’,” said Mike, who bought the business four years ago with his partner Mel.

“We get good business from Blayney, from Orange, quite a few from Cowra and the occasional one from Bathurst. We had someone here from Bathurst just the other day who came all the way here just to eat.”

Nearly 20 different burgers appear on their menus for you to pick from, but the choices don’t stop there.

“If you don’t like anything there, you can make your own,” said Mike, who is happy let customer’s imaginations run wild (we’ve heard tell of one particular burger with meat pies as buns!).

“If you want jalapenos and chips on a burger that's fine. If we've got it, we'll do it.”

Mike was once a regular at the store himself in his former job as a courier. Since taking over, he and Mel have completely revamped the takeaway side of the business.

And it is not just burgers. Bella’s Bistro do a pretty mean fish and chips as well as all your regular corner store fried favourites.

What’s more, they make their own line of jerky with a flavour range approaching the variety of their burger menu.

“We’re proud of our beef jerky; we make eight or nine flavours, which we change from time. If we get bored, we’ll try something else and put another flavour in — Our Vegemite jerky is going really well at the moment!” said Mike.

For your destination to deliciousness, just head south from Orange and follow your nose!

You can find ‘Bella’s Bistro’ on Facebook or at 12 Seaton Street, Spring Hill.

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