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Hello Neighbours - Doodlepunk Design

Hello Neighbours - Doodlepunk Design

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Spring Hill’s resident artist Jowellyn Neville has been a prolific creator since she first turned her hand to art five years ago.

While mostly working with ink and paper, Jowellyn will happily try anything and has produced sculptures, postcards, numerous mixed medium pieces and custom requests.

“I try my hand at anything. Over there you can see a 3D piece that incorporates a lot of different techniques. I just finished a sculpture with Hebel and copper, which I had never done anything like that before, so that was lots of fun, and I'm about to embark on a mosaic sculpture,” said Jowellyn.

Prior to discovering her artistic talents, Jowellyn’s creative outlet had long been writing, but when she started home-schooling her daughter through high school five years ago, time to disappear and write became scarce.

“I just didn't have time to write, so I needed something I could do, but be available to help her at the same time — so I took up drawing,” said Jowellyn.

“The writing has really gone on the backburner, because I find the art so enjoyable. I love it!”

Art also played an important part in Jowellyn’s life after she suffered a serious injury in 2015.

“I got kicked in the head by my horse and drawing really became therapy,” she said. “I had to then learn how to use my hands again, get my hand eye coordination. I had a lot of trouble with tremors in my hands, which wasn't good when you are trying to draw.”

Jowellyn has won a number of art prizes for her work and has held exhibition at the Orange Regional Gallery and the May Raechelle Art Gallery in Millthorpe.

“At the moment I'm trying to get a group of artists in the village to form an art community and look at finding a space that we can use for exhibiting our work here and have somewhere to hold a class or workshop,” she said.

Jowellyn sells her work under the name Doodlepunk Designs, and she is open to commission pieces and personalised gifts.

“I do a lot of commission pieces, especially around Christmas. Last year, I did quite a few as presents with kid’s names on them, that sort of thing. I've also done pieces for a couple of the specialist’s rooms around town,” Jowellyn said.

“I don't do prints of any kind; my work is all unique originals.”

To see examples of Jowellyn’s work, visit her Doodlepunk Designs Facebook page.

Doodlepunk Designs
Original and Custom Artworks and Sculptures
19 Worboys Street, Spring Hill

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