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Hello Neighbours - Ironbark Pet Homes

Hello Neighbours - Ironbark Pet Homes

Ironbark Pet Homes — You’ll see the quality!

At Ironbark Pet Homes, Spring Hill local Graham Totten prides himself on selling quality hand-made pet homes.

“My pitch line is: you can go and buy a plastic one or something made of chipboard for half what I'll charge you — now if that's all you can afford, that's all you can afford — but mine are done properly. You can see the quality in it,” said Grahame.

“My kennels have insulated roofs, they have insulated floors, the lid lifts off and you can clean them out, they are glued, screwed and solid — they are done right!”

Graham, who has been a fitter, welder and plumber in his time, finally took the leap and started his pet home business five years ago.

“It was in my mind for years and years,” said Graham. “I used to work for Coles many years ago and the pet food aisle had more stuff in it than the grocery aisle and that put the idea in my head.”

The demand for his pet homes has grown so much that Graham now employs people to help him in his Spring Hill workshop, where he makes dog kennels, chicken coops, possum boxes, chook boxes for hens, bird houses and bird boxes of all sizes as well as the ever popular food tables for dogs. Ironbark Pet Homes can also custom build items to your requirements.

Ironbark Pet Homes also sells a range of essential oil products for dogs and cats, whether it be calming oils or treatment for wounds and arthritis.

“Our biggest seller is one called calm doggy. It is all-natural essential oils and you spray it on the dog if he's terrified of thunder storms or motorcars… that is the biggest seller and people come back and they buy again. The stuff works,” said Graham.

Graham does a lot of business in Sydney and Canberra, where his pet homes can be found at a number of produce stores. They are also available here in Orange at Mullion Produce, Pets and Saddlery and Graham ships all over Australia

Check out their full range of products online at www.ironbarkpethomes.com.au, find them on Facebook or stop by their workshop at 3 Spring Street, Spring Hill.

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