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From the Editor - 26th April

From the Editor - 26th April

Orange basked in glorious weather over Easter and this resulted in many people getting out and enjoying themselves at the various events held around the area. Record attendances were reported everywhere including many eating places. The Orange economy would have received a huge boost over the last few weeks and we should all rejoice in that.

While this was happening, I also read that decent rain fell last Monday out west around Bourke and neighbouring towns. What a blessing that must have been in those areas.

Let me now give you a little news on our Put Orange First Project. This Saturday will see our next Pot Luck Saturday in Orange being held where shops around Orange will offer you some really good savings, especially on Saturday. Look for the posters on shop windows to see where the savings are, and you’ll find information on some of the savings in this issue.

The group driving Put Orange First is Team Orange and last week they came up with a Mission Statement which I’m really impressed with. The feedback from business people who we’ve shared it with also seem suitable impressed. It goes like this -

Team Orange strives to build a stronger relationship between local business and local people, so the whole community can share in the benefits of a flourishing, vibrant and connected local economy.


Team Orange will:

  • Champion the value of local business in our community

  • Encourage consumer spending in the local economy

  • Raise the profile of the individual people who work in local businesses and the families they support.

What we stand for: A strong Orange for all - thriving business, thriving community, thriving city!


Happy reading everyone and go well!

Community spirit

Community spirit

Whitey’s Smoko Shed

Whitey’s Smoko Shed