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At Your Service with Sarah Waddell of Cint Boutique

At Your Service with Sarah Waddell of Cint Boutique

Can you tell us about your new store Cint?

It is a ladies’ boutique. I have a lot of Australian designer’s labels as well as a lot of imported labels I source from agencies in Sydney. These international brands haven’t been represented here before, so I’m giving Orange customers a great fresh new look when it comes to fashion.

Is this a new retail venture for you?

No, I had this store in Young, and Cint was already an established business there for 10 years, when I bought it three years ago. I'm originally from Orange and I am very excited to be coming home. The way Orange has developed is amazing and here there is more opportunity, a bigger demographic, more tourists. Cint was a great store in Young and hopeful it will be a great store in Orange.

Do you sell more than just women’s clothing?

We also sell accessories and shoes, millinery and handmade jewellery; so, it is a bit of a one-stop-shop. You can walk in and buy something casual for every day, but then also buy something for that black-tie formal event.”

What would be the target demographic of your customers?

I have a 14-year-old daughter that I’m dressing out of the shop now, so there is something for teenagers through to on-trend 80-year-old ladies.

What can customers expect from your store that they won’t find in other local boutiques?

Fresh, new labels they haven’t seen before and just a different take on things. There are some beautiful boutiques already in Orange, but I think having competition is good and we can complement and support each other. That’s a big thing for me; if I can’t help someone, I will always direct them in another store’s way, so hopefully they can help them out there.

Do you also have an online presence?

I established an online shop about 15 months ago and we offer a 14-day free return for an exchange or credit to give people a bit of comfort in knowing that if they don’t love it, they can send it back. We do a lot on Instagram and Facebook feeds, and if you sign up to our weekly newsletter, we can give you a heads up on what's coming in.

Cint Boutique
28 Sale Street, Orange

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