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Craig Kramer from Eagle Eye Termite and Pest Control

Craig Kramer from Eagle Eye Termite and Pest Control

How long have you been in pest control?

Since 1998; I got my licence down the NSW Central Coast, then back in 2014 I decided I wanted to work for myself again and I started up Eagle Eye Termite and Pest Control. My son Bill joined up after he left school in 2016 and he’ll finish his apprenticeship and be licensed this year.

How large an area do you service?

We’re based in Cumnock, but we work in Orange, Molong — all over the Central West.

What are the main pests you get called to take care of?

Obviously, your general pests — spiders, cockroaches, ants, fleas, and we are doing a fair bit of wasp work. I've found our method is fairly successful — not saying other people are doing it wrong — but I normally say to our customers that if you are still seeing wasps in two to three days ring me and nobody has ever rung me back.

Would you say there is any area that you specialise in?

Termites are our bread and butter. I've done a lot of termite work, we are seeing them quite a bit. A lot of people think it is too cold here for termites, but I can tell you termites are in Orange. Billy and I went to a job the other day and Billy almost went through the ceiling. But we've been pretty successful treating them and never really had a problem.

Do you provide services other than pest control?

We are diversifying a little bit. We do a bit of yard and garden maintenance and clean-ups. We've got a tipper trailer and we've bought a small Bobcat — a little skid steer loader and that will be handy for these clean-ups.

Why should people choose you to take care of their pests?

I’ve been doing this for 20 years and I've done a lot of extra study and gained extra qualifications. I pride myself on making sure I have the knowledge, the qualifications and I can back it up. We even offer guarantees.

To contact Craig:

0447002193 or go to

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