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Ruby Sharp's Words of Wisdom

Ruby Sharp's Words of Wisdom

This week I caught up with the beautiful Ruby Sharp. “I had a good life, it still is, I can’t wish for anything better.”                 

Age: 96

Where and when were you born? Here in Orange in 1922.

What are the most important lessons you've learned in life? Just to be kind to everybody and to always say thank you to our family, always.

What big world events were the most memorable while you were growing up? My brother went to War, when he came back the Army gave him a beautiful funeral.

What do you miss about the good-old days? I used to love dancing; the old-time dancing was fun I miss that. My Mother used to take me every Wednesday night and that’s where I learnt to dance, I loved the old-time waltz.

Were you good at school? No, *laughs* I always had normal grades, and I got into trouble in school *laughs* but doesn’t everyone. They would make me stand in the corner with my back to them, I can’t count how many times that happened. *laughs*

Describe yourself in three words. Easy-going, love life and I love my family.

What is your favourite memory? As I said, I was naughty *laughs* but when I met my Husband, I turned good.  I would walk behind people and use throwdowns to frighten them, *laughs* I never got caught. I did it all around town *laughs* I would frighten the hell out of them. I was the youngest in my family and I was the naughtiest.

What did you want to be when you grew up? Nothing in particular. Just being happy with my family was important to me.

What was your first job?
I worked in the Woollen Mills, we made Khaki material for the soldiers. Then I got married and raised my family, I had three beautiful sons.

What are you most proud of? My husband, I’ve lost him, I’ve lost him, and I loved him, I first met him when we were at a dance. My favourite memory with him was the day we were getting married, he took me down town and I got my hair done, then we came back and I said “I’ll see you in church”.

What is your favourite thing about being a Grandmother? Just being around them, they are lovely.

What life advice would you give to your grandkids? To be happy and to love one another.

Who is the person who influenced your life the most? Why? My Husband, he was just lovely.

What is your favourite thing to do for fun now? I like to listen to music, and I enjoy watching live music, I also love to read.

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