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Word of Mouth

Word of Mouth

Would you believe it? I've found another way to give away some of our hard-earned money each week to our readers.

I'm introducing a new challenge for readers, one that if successful, will see even more readers picking up a $50 IGA Gift Voucher to spend locally. There'll be one prize each week and to win, it'll require a small amount of effort on your part and then a touch of luck after that.

Here's the details and once you get the drift of it, enter away as often as you like.

It's called Word of Mouth and all you have to do is tell us about a product that you feel other readers would love to hear about.  We all know of products that we love and use over and over again simply because we like them for one reason or another. When we do, how often have we told others about them? We all love to share good news with people we care about, and our new Word of Mouth Competition lets us do that on a bigger stage, and possibly get paid for doing so.

The product you like could be anything from cleaning product to a new car and anything in between. Nothing is off limits.

At this point let me encourage you not to tell us about any old product, just to enter the competition, we want your suggestions to be genuine and sincere. To help us determine our weekly winner, you must tell what the name of the product is, where you purchase it and why you like it so much? Feel free to expand or elaborate more if you want to but, as long as you provide us with the basics, you'll be considered.

Depending on the response from readers, we may include several products each week but there'll only be one $50 winner each week and we'll make it clear who that is each week.

To enter, you can send an email to reception@oclife.com.au or you can arrange for a note to be delivered to our office at Suite 3/241 Lords Place. Make sure you include your name and contact details.

Sound easy? I hope so. So away you go, we look forward to seeing what comes in.

If you need a little more clarity, let me give you one of mine as an example -

Some years back my wife and I decided to try Redwin Sorbelene Body Wash as an alternative to soap. We loved it immediately and still shower using it. It comes in a 1 ltr container with a pump action. We get it at Chemist Warehouse where it sells for about $10.50 per litre. It can be $3 - $4 dearer elsewhere. We haven't compared the cost to soap, but it lasts quite some time and it's great and easy to use.

Joanne Beldham & Bowie

Joanne Beldham & Bowie

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