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George Eleftheriou at Orange Cellars

George Eleftheriou at Orange Cellars

How long have you worked at Orange Cellars?

I’ve worked here almost 19 years — six months as Orange Cellars and 18 years when it was Kelly's.

So, I imagine you know a little about wine and liquor?

I like to think so.

What would you say is your main point of difference over your competitors?

Our range of local wine, easily by far. About 70 per cent of our wine sales are local wines — that’s what people visiting the town and people from the town want to buy. We try to support a lot of the smaller wineries around, good wines that people maybe aren't aware of.

Apart from your extensive local wine selection, what else do you offer customers?

We have good prices on beer and non-local wine, pre-mix spirits and a few imported things. We also sell a lot of local cider and local beer from Pioneer and Badlands — they are very popular. Being a drive through, we offer convenience which is great for people who come in with their kids in the car or if they are an older person they can stay in the car. We carry it to their car, we have mobile EFTPOS, so you don’t have to get out if you don’t want to.

I hear you are planning to hold a few events at Orange Cellars?

Tipple is our big event coming up on the Sunday of the June Long Weekend. We are going to have five or six wine stalls: Phillip Shaw, Angullong, Ross Hill are all coming as well Pioneer, Badlands and Small Acres Cyder. There will be a couple of food vendors too. It’ll be $10 to get in and then you get to try everything you want, before you buy. Tipple Tickets $10 and on sale now, visit orangecellars.com/events

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