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Shed celebrates 10 Years of comradery

Shed celebrates 10 Years of comradery

Earlier this week the Orange Men’s Shed gathered to celebrate their 10-year anniversary. A delicious catered lunch and visit from Mayor Reg Kidd (who opened this very shed 10 years ago) was the talk of the evening.

Such is the enthusiasm of shed members, 74 active members, 45 (including ex members) were there to celebrate on the day.

President, Hugh Laird said, “Today is generally a day out for the boys to say thanks very much for the 10 years. We have some blokes who have travelled all the way from Sydney, even Tea Gardens to be here, even though these guys have moved away they still support us which we really appreciate.”

“We are giving out 10-year certificates and four life member certificates. We are also acknowledging two ladies, Zita Spicer who looks after all of our mental health issues, coordinating speakers for us in that area, and Amanda Rodwell who has been with us for 10 years as our Patron, she has been pretty instrumental in a lot of things we have done over the years, she is a bit special as far as we are concerned, so we want to say thanks.

For those of you reading this and think the Men’s Shed is something you would like to get involved with, don’t be afraid to! You don’t need to have any experience in trade work, “A lot of these fellas have never done this work, they’ve had office jobs their whole life…so this is a new ball game for them, and they do some great work,” Hugh explained.

“Come out for a cup of coffee one morning, we have an open door policy from 10am-10:30am for morning tea, come and have a yack and if you think you would like to join, spend a couple of days out with us and then make a decision.”

Introducing……  National Life

Introducing…… National Life

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Welcome to the family PJ!