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Put Orange First News

Put Orange First News

From Team Orange

Small Business Ideas Forum

Small business owners in Orange are invited to attend a Small Business Ideas Forum on Thursday June 6th in the Parkview Hotel Function Room. The event will run from 5.30pm – 7pm.

This is the latest initiative from Put Orange First and its aim is to give local business owners input into what they’d like to see happen to further grow and development shopping and doing business in Orange. It will also give Put Orange First an opportunity to tell more local business owners what we are trying to achieve and why.

It’s an open forum and all local business owners are encouraged to attend to hear what’s said. Please RSVP to jackevans4@hotmail.com if you’re coming.

Following a community survey run through Orange City Life, 86% of 618 respondents indicated they’d like to see a toilet facility put in Robertson Park as a matter of urgency. Put Orange First has conveyed these results to Councillors for inclusion in their upcoming discussion on the issue next month.

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Community Pizza Oven
An idea has been put forward to install a community wood fire pizza oven to be used for community events, not unlike the public BBQ’s that are available in certain locations. The concept is working in other cities and Put Orange First has added this to our agenda for further discussion.

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Summer Street flags
This idea is a work in progress but has been stalled following the changes that have occurred among senior management staff at Council. Put Orange First will follow up on this as soon as the new contact at Council is established.

Beveley Cotterell - Words of Wisdom

Beveley Cotterell - Words of Wisdom

What’s On - May - June

What’s On - May - June