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Brigid Arantz, Clinical Hypnotherapist

Brigid Arantz, Clinical Hypnotherapist

Tell us a little about the types of services you provide?

I provide clinical hypnotherapy and coaching, so it is a combined service offering. I also do other things: Reiki, energy work, intuitive mentoring and guidance.

What type of problems do people seek out hypnotherapy for?

It ranges from anxiety disorders to depression, through to help quitting smoking and dealing with phobias such as a fear of spiders, birds, or flying. I also work with a lot of people to overcome emotional eating and weight loss.

How do you go about treating someone who wishes to lose weight?

A lot of the time the reasons we overeat are not clear cut; they will have an emotional driver. So, people eat to suppress feelings, to feel safe, or to be invisible, they eat for comfort, rather than self soothe. I use trance and other strategies to unpack what it is that's going on behind the scenes, what's driving them to overeating.

So, what does trance work involve?

Being in trance is a nice relaxing state, it is like relaxed focused concentration.  I work with a client to get them into that trance state and then they are open to suggestion which helps to reframe their thinking. You can look and examine issues and get insights that you wouldn't have had before. The human brain is very plastic, it can develop new neural pathways and that's part of what we are aiming to do when we are using trance.

You mentioned you use strategies other than trance work as well?

Yes, I use things like an emotional trigger diary; getting the client to develop their own self-awareness so they are more empowered and start to see the connection between the emotions and how they manage them. It’s about teaching them tools for self-regulation, mindfulness practices and other things they can do themselves, like journaling about their feelings. A lot of the stuff I do is about supporting the client to go away and do it for themselves and learn to take responsibility for their own emotional regulation.

Why would someone seek out hypnotherapy for weight loss over more traditional approaches?

Often, I see people when they’ve tried everything else. They've been on yo-yo diets, or they've tried stuff and it's failed, and they've gone right back to where they were or sometimes worse than before.

Just working hard on a diet doesn’t deal with your mindset. So, you make the physical changes, but you won’t be able to sustain them because the mindset wasn't there. The idea here is to get your mind in the right place and then the rest of it falls into place.

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