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Rebuild time for overcrowded “demountable central” School

Rebuild time for overcrowded “demountable central” School

David Dixon

It’s onwards and upwards for Milthorpe’s historic public school; undergoing a transformation from “demountable central” to a whole school rebuild in the near future.

 The 150-year-old school was recently approved for upgrading and extension as part of the NSW Governments $6 billion school building program.

And for Relieving Principal, Penny Granger, and the pupils and teachers at the overcrowded school, the refurbishment could not have come at a better time.

 “We will be able to get rid of the eight demountable classrooms which will be removed; and the four permanent classrooms in the old heritage block will be refurbished,” Ms Granger explained.

  Millthorpe has been experiencing growing pains over a number of years; the school population tripling over two decades from about 110 to more than 300 as new families have tree-changed to the beautiful village to enjoy both its natural beauty and proximity to Orange, Blayney and Bathurst.

“This will be a bricks-and-mortar build; all architecturally-designed,” Ms Granger explained.

The proliferation of demountable at the school began about 15 years ago with a row of the supposedly-temporary structures now sitting on what had once been play area for pupils at the K-6 school. “They’re a bit drafty and a bit cold in winter and hot in summer so they use a lot of energy; they’re essentially ‘silos of learning’ so there is little interaction between different classrooms,” Ms Granger added.

“We’re currently in the early consultation phase — we want the classrooms to be future-focused…there will be full community consultation on the new facilities,” she said.

Teachers and support staff are also being served by the new rebuild with the crowded staffrooms and facilities to get a new setting. “There will be all new staff facilities, library toilets, and administration. We’re bursting at the seams at the moment,” Ms Granger concluded.

Caption (school money pic1.jpg): Thumbs-up for the Millthorpe Public School rebuild, from left, Jacob Bird, Tilly Redfern, Ava Butterfield, and Sam Knox.

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