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An opportunity too good to throw away

An opportunity too good to throw away

Now, don’t say ‘retirement’ but James and Adrienne Myles have decided its time to do other things and believe their local wine tour business offers a great opportunity to the right person.

James’ Vineyard Tours began in the Hunter Valley in 2005, when James decided that what was on offer just wasn’t up the right standard.

“We had a bed and breakfast and I was buying tours for our guests and I wasn’t that happy with what they were getting,” said James.

“I thought, I could do better and so that’s how it all started, and it took off from there.”

In 2017, the couple followed friends to Orange and brought their business with them.

“We knew quite a few people here, so it took off quite quickly,” said James.

After their long experience in the Hunter Valley, James and Adrienne can see a lot of potential in Orange’s growing tourism industry.

“We just love it here: the wine scene and the tourism scene here is just taking off which is really fantastic,” said Adrienne

“I think it is so much more welcoming and there are a lot more restaurant options and foodie options than in the Hunter. It is getting bigger all the time, but now we need to do other things.”

James and Adrienne were going to simply sell their two tour vehicles, but then thought it might be an opportunity for someone looking to get into the local industry.

“We've built up this established website and recognised business and it seems a shame to just throw it away — so we thought we'd see if anyone is interested,” said Adrienne.

“It is not going to be a huge turnover, but it is ideally suited for someone who has just relocated from Sydney who might want a business.”

A purler of a good cause

A purler of a good cause

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