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Your Space - Letters to the editor

Your Space - Letters to the editor

A Beautiful Act of Kindness

I was at my baker’s shop yesterday and the young lady asked me if I had had a nice day. I couldn't bring myself to say yes as I had just found out my friend had died, so I quietly told her it was good until that moment. We had a discussion about the consolation one gets from knowing your friend is no longer suffering etc. and as I was getting ready to pay, she slipped a sweet pastry into my bag and said to go home and make a cup of tea. The gesture nearly bought me undone and I want to thank that young lady so much for her act of empathy. It has bought me to tears since, but tears of joy that someone can be so very kind. I do hope she reads this or hears about it and knows that her kindness is so very appreciated.

Michelle Gatenby

No more people in Orange

May I disagree with you in your life comment on page 5 of the 11-17, 2019 issue of the Life Magazine?

I for one do not want more people in Orange. I moved from Sydney to Orange to escape the hordes of people, the traffic congestion, the noise, the pollution, the frenetic pace of life, in other words ‘’ The Rat Race’’.

I was pleasantly surprised by the laid back way of life and friendliness of the people in Orange.

Your comment to bring crowds of people here very week struck shivers of fear down my spine. God help us! No No! Please don’t bring more people here, we have enough.

A lot of people I have spoken to prefer the way it is, like me.

                                                                                                                                  Valentina Basik

Word of Mouth

Word of Mouth is a new competition in Orange City Life and gives readers the chance to pick up a cool $50 to spend at Ashcroft’s Supa IGA, all just for telling us about great products that you’d happily recommend to friends. There’s $50 up for grabs each week if you’re our lucky winner.

Our first winner is Diane Parker for this -

Diane Parker tells us:

The best coffee in Orange is at 7 Eleven $1 or $2 it’s great and tasty.

It’s that simply to enter so tell us about those great products and you could be our next weekly winner.

Café Connect

Café Connect

Ceiling collapse reveals Blayney church’s dangerous secret

Ceiling collapse reveals Blayney church’s dangerous secret