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Inland Digital- Proud Orange Business

Inland Digital- Proud Orange Business

Technology has completely changed the way we do business, but paper can still be an issue in many offices.

Incredibly, it is estimated that 90 per cent of corporate memory exists either on paper or in computer files that are unindexed and not easily searchable.

But there is a better way, says Lawrence Breen, Managing Director at Orange’s Inland Digital.

For more than 20 years, the Inland Digital team have proudly been delivering technology solutions for businesses throughout the Central West.

More than just printing solutions, Inland Digital has embraced digital technology to offer businesses much more, all focused on business processes.

“We not only are selling hardware — for example, copiers and printers — but we can add real value for organisations by helping them with their back-end processes and information management,” said Lawrence.

“We offer solutions to help businesses to manage their business information more effectively. And we've been able to deliver that in industries such as accountancy, legal, real estate and other sectors by helping them with technology like cloud based document management and workflow solutions.”

For many businesses, it can be a case of not knowing that you have an issue until they are shown the value and benefits of moving from paper-based processes.

“For example, a car dealer might be great at selling cars, but their back-end administrative processes are still done in an inefficient way simply because they've always been done that way,” he said.

“We have had a lot of success in helping organisations migrate their data to the cloud, and put in place smart workflow processes to assist with a range of business processes , from  human resources to sales, contract onboarding, accounts payable — wherever the client needs to deliver an automated solution.”

As an example, Inland Digital doesn’t only showcase clients where they have delivered a solution, we’ll even highlight how they have managed these efficiencies within their own business.

“We tell our story and that of other clients, highlighting where we've helped and what we've delivered, to show them what the outcome from using technology could be for their business. We've been able to show businesses how they can digitally track all that finer details from when a contract's signed to when delivery is done and make sure none of those pieces are missed on the way through,” he said.

“For example, at Inland Digital we’ve built all of our sign off procedures into automated, digital workflows. Our team can be anywhere and be approving contracts as an example, as they come through on their smart phone. It allows us to measure our speed of performance and also identify any areas of concern where we need to add more resources to get the job done.”

Improving staff communication through the use of video conferencing technology and interactive whiteboards is another way Inland Digital have been transforming local businesses.

“Interactive whiteboards have always been in demand in industries like education, however where we are seeing their adoption and impact is in commercial enterprises,” said Lawrence, who has one of his own team members regularly participate in meetings even while overseas.

“It’s more than just a video call; the great thing about the smart technology is it allows you to see the same information at once and contribute to it from a remote location. It allows you to effectively collaborate and work from anywhere — this technology can have a huge impact for businesses with remote workers or multiple offices.”

Inland Digital also offer fully managed print services, which means printers are serviced and supplied with consumables, without business owners having to lift a finger.

“We can manage the device remotely, we know when a toner cartridge has been replaced, so we direct ship one straight away and our team can be proactive, servicing the machine before it breaks down,” said Lawrence.

Inland digital has developed a reputation for reliable, high-quality service that is now seeing the company expand over the Blue Mountains and into Western Sydney.

It’s an exciting step, said Lawrence.

“Quite often we hear about businesses in the city moving out into the country, but we have been here for 20 years and now are moving into the city,” he said.

“So, we’re a regionally based business that's expanding to provide those same products and services in the city, based on what we've achieved out here. It is the third largest economy in Australia behind Sydney CBD and Melbourne; it’s an exciting opportunity for us and offers huge growth potential.”


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