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Canobolas Motorcycle Club farewells long-standing President

Canobolas Motorcycle Club farewells long-standing President

It’s volunteers like Anthony Corby who make our community better.

A member of the Canobolas Motorcycle Club since 2006, Anthony has been a committee member for the past twelve years and served as President to Vice President for the majority of that time.

He has been tireless working behind the scenes, to make the track and the club better.

Due to work commitments Anthony has had to step down as President, but he is unlikely to completely give up his connection to the sport and the club he loves.

“I am passionate about the sport,” said Anthony. “The club and motocross venue have been a big part of my life, but I’ve loved it.

On top of his committee duties Anthony also took out time to take on coaching duties as well as being a chief scrutineer, race secretary and race starter.

“Becoming a Coach made sense as I got to work with the junior riders helping them to learn the skills they needed to be safe and successful in the sport,” said Anthony.

 “At the time, there were no Coaches in Orange and it was the best way to get new people into the Club.”

While Anthony does ride himself, it is when talking to him about the technicalities behind racing and track design that he really comes to life.

“There is so much that happens behind the scenes – track irrigation, design, licencing, permits, safety, maintenance, and paperwork, there is a lot of that!” said Anthony, who has spent a lot of hands-on hours working to improve the local track.

“I wanted to build a local track that increased the skills of our riders,” he said. “So, I spent a lot of time travelling around other tracks, looking for ideas and things that we could do to make our track better.”

Those improvements included almost doubling the track’s length, adding jumps, berms and corners.

During his time Anthony also oversaw the hosting of two Junior State Title events, which saw over 140 riders and their families descend on Orange for two separate weekends of riding.

Anthony’s commitment to his role also saw him plan holidays around the club’s schedule.

“But I loved it. I loved the satisfaction of looking out and seeing how far the track had come and I am looking forward to seeing the great things the club will achieve in the future.” he said.

“Overall, I am happy with what was achieved by the Club during the time I was President and Vice President. There are still a couple of things on the wish list, like nice canteen facilities and upgraded toilets, but we have a fantastic venue which I am immensely proud of.”

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