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Chris talks about his 'Do A Good Deed Challenge'

Chris talks about his 'Do A Good Deed Challenge'

Chris Walker is on a mission to make the world a better place, one small act of kindness at a time.

It was five years ago, here in Orange that Chris started his “Do a Good Deed Challenge” by handing out coffee vouchers to strangers on the street. He has since taken it to the United Kingdom and to his new home on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, all in an effort to spread a little bit of happiness in the world.

“I created it because there was so much negativity out there. I saw what was happening and I thought people always talk about wanting to do something better, but no one does anything.  The Do a Good Deed Challenge is about trying to be better people and take that opportunity to help a stranger out — it can have such a big impact,” said Chris.

The Do a Good Deed Challenge, July 22-29 is not a fundraiser, but you certainly can raise money or give to charity if you choose. It is simply about taking a moment to do something kind for someone else.

“The simplest things can have such a big impact, like holding the door for someone or asking if someone is OK. When I was in London, I used to buy flowers and give them to older people in the street, because the response that you get from that is just beautiful,” said Chris.

“There are so many charities out there and it is really great that people give to them, but with good deeds there is no real limit to what you can do… and it is just a way that people can really do something themselves, rather than say, ‘all right, here's some money for you to do that.’ It is inspiring people to take the initiative!”

For Chris, the motivation to grow his Do a Good Deed Challenge comes from knowing how much little acts of kindness have meant to him in his own life.

“My dad left me when I was born and my mum has spina bifida, so I had to grow up pretty quick as a kid. My father leaving always gave me the feeling that there was no one there for me. I have suffered from depression, I have suffered from anxiety, there have been times where I was in a pretty dark place, but I was lucky enough that I had people around me who supported me,” he said.

“There have been times when I was walking down the street feeling pretty sad and I've had people come up to me and just say, hey are you OK? So, I think that is what motivates me.”

For those up for the challenge, Chris encourages them to join his Do a Good Deed Challenge Facebook event page and share how they’ve made a difference no matter how small.

“Post a photo, a video or comment on what you are doing. It is not about blowing your own horn and saying I'm the best human around, it is simply about creating awareness and inspiring people to be better humans,” said Chris.

“It doesn't take long to do a good deed and when people see what other people are doing it might inspire them and they will feel more inclined to get involved as well.

“There is always something you could do! It is about taking five minutes to think about what you might enjoy if a stranger did it for you.”

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