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Who doesn’t want to be Fit for Life?

Who doesn’t want to be Fit for Life?

Daniel Freeman has family in Orange and he’s just written a book that his family here feel will interest people, no matter where they live. The book is titled Fit for Life.

 ‘Fit for Life’ is a culmination of years of on the ground work helping people first-hand and hearing the stories of people from all walks of life.

The common approach to fitness simply doesn’t work for most people because it is focusing on the wrong things.

In helping hundreds of clients lose kgs, get stronger and get in shape, coach Daniel Freeman found there was a lot more to building true fitness than the standard narrative.

“Being in the fitness industry for many years I saw so many people struggling with their fitness. There are so many quick fixes around and the majority of the fitness world pushes people to do things that are not sustainable and leads them to a lifelong problem of ‘yo-yo dieting’. I wanted to bring my experience from working with hundreds of clients first-hand and help others to get great results, but importantly to keep those results for the long term.”

The quick fixes, fad diets and dodgy tactics of the mainstream fitness world led him to start his own studio gym to help people face to face in their battles with achieving health and fitness.

With obesity rates soaring, it is not the approach that is working. There is so much emphasis on the ‘what’ part of fitness. What diet is best, what food should I eat, what workout should I do? There is not enough emphasis on the how and why behind it.

‘Fit for Life’ takes you beyond just the what part of fitness and delves deeply into the how and why behind it. By the end of this book you will have learnt how to overcome the roadblocks that face so many people when getting fit.

You will have developed your own personal blueprint to start getting optimal, holistic fitness results that will last a lifetime!

The book can be purchased in physical copy here: http://www.freemansfitness.com.au/book.html

Or in digital ebook here: https://www.amazon.com.au/Fit-Life-Personal-Blueprint-Lifelong-ebook/dp/B07HK1HBK6

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