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Caitlyn the Creative

Caitlyn the Creative

Orange City Life spotted this young lady and her work at the recent Molong Markets. What she did looked interesting so we decided to track her down and find out more. We hope you enjoy reading about her.


A lot of history and inspiration can be found hidden inside your Dads old sketch books, just ask 20-year-old, Caitlyn Bollinger.

“My Dad brought Art into my life at a very young age. One of the earliest memories I have is my Dad gifting me his old sketch books to finish, seeing what he did when he was in high school, it showed me that I could do it too.

He also always had a camera around, and I always wanted to ‘do what Dad did’, I was gifted a 35mm camera from my Grandad and I fell in love with being able to capture pieces of life and then being able to look back at them, and see how things have changed or stayed that same.”

From drawing surroundings to drawing in her school books, Caitlyn’s art has grown to what it is today through complete passion and determination.

“I started studying Art closer in high school and teachers would tell me that I had a talent for it, so I decided I’m going to go for it and this is what I’m going to try and do with my life, next year I hope to study Art History, Art Curatorship and Visual Arts at ANU in Canberra and see where life takes me after that.”

“The ultimate dream is to be a fulltime Artist, but I’d love to also work in an Art Gallery, a Regional one or even a City one, it doesn’t bother me, I just want to be within art.”

“What I really love is all kinds of people create it, and you get to see all different stories come to life, it’s a very inclusive area and everyone is welcome. My favourite kind of art to do is my mixed media stuff, though my dog portraits are quite popular, I’m inspired by contemporary art in particular.”

“Most of my friends aren’t too into art so they tell me the things I do are quite different. It’s nice that it’s expanding people’s minds to what art can be. I quite like that I am pushing the norm.”

To see more of Caitlyn’s work head over to her website https://www.artbycrbie.com/

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