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Millthorpe’s grandest Lodge looking for new owners

Millthorpe’s grandest Lodge looking for new owners

Daniel Dixon

Millthorpe’s stateliest old building; the Grand Western Lodge has certainly seen better days and is definitely in need of a bit of tender loving care; and a new owner with deep pockets!

Standing in the centre of the township on the corner of Victoria and Montgomery Streets; it attracts comment from most sight-seers to the popular tourist village many of whom seem disappointed in its lack of current use.

Built in the grand Victorian style; the heritage-listed former hotel and boarding house was constructed in 1901 in Millthorpe’s boom years before World War I for those attending the then-popular ploughing demonstrations and competitions. It closed as a hotel in 1961 and was converted into a licensed boarding house for people with disabilities, which operated until 2011.

The building features unusual keyhole windows and pictorial leadlight glazing. The dominant architectural features include the two-storey verandah with cast iron balustrading and valance work and the massive stuccoed central parapet.

In June 2018, the building was listed for sale, advertised as being suitable for a multiple accommodation facility, retail, bed and breakfast or disability services.

“At the moment it’s a big building not being utilised; it would be good to see someone in there,” a local familiar with the Lodge said.

“It’s pretty solid and in pretty good nick; I think it would make a bloody grand home,” the local said. Listed at more than $1.4 million, the local added: “You’ve got to get the right person with the right money to buy it.”

Due to its imposing classically-Australian façade, the Lodge has featured in many television series and movies filmed in Millthorpe but Queensland builder and recent visitor to the village Steven Rowlands agreed that it’s upkeep and maintenance would be substantial.

Mr Rowlands and his wife Delwyn from balmy Magnetic Island were recently enjoying the wintry sights of the Central Tablelands after attending a wedding in Cowra.

“It’s certainly a beautiful old building; but I can see looking at it that does need a bit of work,” Mr Rowlands concluded.

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