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Can Toby have your attention please?

Can Toby have your attention please?

For most, standing up on stage, all eyes on you is somewhat terrifying, for year 8 Kinross student, Toby Gough, it’s something he thrives off and continues to love.

Coming in second place at the Public Speaking Competition held in Narromine recently for the Year 7-8 category, Toby was quite happy with his overall performance. “I was pretty happy; my goal was do the Central West area of the CWA and Kinross proud. My speech topic was ‘appreciate the little things.’”

“I talked about how so many things are used by us on a day to day basis that, goes without saying, we are truly grateful for them, including 5 cent pieces, our family and having a meal on your table every night.”

This isn’t Toby’s first time in the CWA competition, claiming he didn’t do ‘too well’ the first time he had performed. “I was a bit of a rookie to the CWA Public Speaking atmosphere at the time, but I took the feedback on board and I put it into action this year.”

“You always feel pressure, once you’ve gotten used to speaking in front of people all the time, the pressure does start to lower a bit, that doesn’t mean that you should try less, you still need to try as hard as you always do.”

Toby is no stranger to the stage, having recently completed and won a section at Gulgong, he is also set to perform at the Gosford, Penrith, Orange and Bathurst Eisteddfods.

“I have been doing Speech and Drama for nine years, that has helped a lot, it’s given me the ability to speak up and talk to people.”


“I’m glad that they believed in me….I hope I did them proud.”

“I love the fact that when you’re on stage the only thing you’re thinking about is your topic, you’re not thinking ‘have I done my speech correctly? What’s for dinner tonight?’ and it’s the one time, as you’re speaking, no one else is talking they are all listening to you, taking in your point of view, and it’s your time to shine.

“The entire experience is very fun, your’re versing [sic] very, very good public speakers, it’s also good to talk to them off the stage because you get to know what their true take is on the topics that they did, or their true personalities, It’s fun to make new friends from different towns.”

“As they say, practice makes perfect, and it definitely pays to practice it every single time your Mother and Mrs Graham tell you to. I just wouldn’t be able to do it without Kinross, I’m glad that they believed in me and I was able to live up to the expectations that they set, and I hope I did them proud.”

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