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Goddesses of Comedy Return to Orange!

Goddesses of Comedy Return to Orange!

Women Like Us’ middle-aged mouthy mamas of mirth, Mandy Nolan and Ellen Briggs return to Orange following sell-out shows at the Adelaide Fringe Festival, where they garnered two 5-star reviews.

“Everything they say and do is the absolute word of sacred truth!’ noted Weekend Notes reviewer who officially declared the pair ‘Goddesses’.

While according to Glamadelaide the audience ‘barely had time to draw breath between the hearty laughs’ and ‘it’s not just women who love this hilarious crowd pleaser.’”

With 7 children between them Nolan and Briggs are as adept at delivering laughs as they are babies, and the two comics are renowned for their rapid-fire stand up. 

Women Like Us was born when the two women decided to step away from the male-dominated comedy scene into venues where women’s stories and experiences are centre stage.

“We want our comedy to demystify a lot of the garbage that we’re fed about being women,” said Briggs. “We tell everyday stories about our struggles, our failure to parent, the beauty industry, getting fatter, strange surgeries, obsessions, frustrations, and at the end of the day ‘who unpacks the dishwasher’.”

But Briggs insists it is not a show just for women.

“In the same way a comedy show by two men would never be seen as a blokes-only show, Women Like Us is about making our experiences universal rather than ‘niche’,” she said.

Mandy Nolan is a columnist for the Byron Shire Echo, writes regularly for Mamamia, and she hosts a new podcast, The Split.

Ellen Briggs is a national Finalist for RAW comedy and winner of Foxtel Comedy Channel's Be A Comedian.  The two women have well over 30 years of comedy experience between them. Their book, Women Like Us, was released nationally this year.

Women Like Us return to Orange Ex Services on Saturday 10 August. Doors open at 7.30pm with the show commencing at 8pm. Tickets are $35 at the club or online at oesc.com.au

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