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How I get my Kicks – Jan Campbell

How I get my Kicks – Jan Campbell

As we get older, playing team sports often gets left by the wayside, but what if there was a sport you could play at any stage of life?

“It’s called Life Ball,” said Jan Campbell, who has been playing the game here in Orange now for more than a decade.

“I'd always played netball all through my life and then I heard about this for older people. It’s a great way for older people to keep active.”

Life Ball is similar to netball. It is played with teams of six on a court and the object is to shoot a ball through a modified and lowered basketball hoop.

“But you only walk, you don't run for safety seasons and you don’t walk backwards,” said Jan.

“It's great fun! You're moving, you’re getting exercise — that's the main thing, you’re doing a little bit of exercise. You're walking for a purpose; it is more enjoyable when you are playing a game.”

As well as a weekly chance to walk the court, Jan said it is a very social game.

“There’s a very social side and great for friendships; we didn’t know each other but we are all friends now and we'd like to make more friends! We are always looking for players.”

If you can walk, you can play Life Ball, said Jan.

“Yeah, that's right, anyone can get into it. It is not exhausting, and we look after each other and modify things for them. Come along and we’ll show you how to play,” she said.

 “We just play for fun. If you don't get a goal, we don't go crook, we don't really score! It is just about fun and friendship and getting older people up and moving.”

Anyone interested in playing Life Ball can simply come along to the PCYC 9.30am every Tuesday except school holidays.


Players and friends: Margaret Williams, Sue Budd, Jan Campbell, Pat Devenish, Wendy Hillier and Sylvia Smith

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