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Raising Eevie

Raising Eevie

New Mums, Old Mums, Young Mums, Experienced Mums, grab a cuppa, sit down, this one is for you.

Motherhood can be a little isolating and scary, especially if you don’t have a Mum tribe to turn to. 24 year old, first time Mum, Sarah Farrell has created a raw, open, honest and some-what comforting blog about her experiences with birth and her beautiful four month old, daughter Eevie.

The blog, aptly named ‘Raising Eevie’ shares Sarah’s experiences from pre-birth to everything her little bundle of joy is throwing her way now.

“When I had Eevie, I recorded everything and when I was in labour, I got my midwife to give me all of the documentation, so I had a record of everything. I wrote it down and sent it to my friend and she thought it was really interesting, so, I thought maybe I will make a blog and blog it, at first it was just for us (the family). I thought it would be great if there’s anything I’ve forgotten, I can go back and read about it happening in her life and when she gets older it will be there for her to read. It’s also really good for family who live quite far away, so they can see what’s going on with her too.”

“From that first post I got a lot of response and I thought maybe people actually want to hear what I’ve got to say. A lot of Mums would say ‘I totally understand, I get you’ and non-Mums would say ‘wow, I didn’t realise this..”

Whilst Sarah admits the blog has been a learning curve for her, she loves that she is opening peoples eyes (and minds) to the day to day of Motherhood. “It’s times like when you go out to a coffee shop, people don’t realise you have a lot of anxiety, because you think as soon as this baby wakes up she’s going to start screaming and you don’t really want to disappoint people.”

“You see a lot of posts and they are a lot of the rainbows and sunshine, and a lot of people don’t really understand what it takes to have a baby.”

Sarah mentioned she was a realist when coming into Motherhood, knowing she would be dealing with the good days alongside the bad days, though she mentioned the biggest shock to the system was her sleep deprivation, “You understand your going to be tired, but you don’t realise the degree as to just how tired you will be.”

“Every single child is different and every Mother and Father have a different view on how they want to parent, so I think it’s comforting to know that people are having some of the same experiences as me or somewhat similar. I’m also more than happy to hear people’s opinions and what they have to say, it opens my eyes as well and I think that maybe I could tweak something.”

Since the blog was posted in July, Sarah has been inundated with messages of love and support, “When you get a lot people messaging you, that you’ve never met before, that aren’t even from Orange, and they tell you ‘I love reading your stuff’ or you get emails that people have subscribed to your blog, I’m just like what!? It’s just crazy, I even had someone from Sydney contact me and say ‘We love your stuff, would Eevie model clothes for us’ etc, and I’m kind of like.. where did all of this come from?” Sarah laughed.

“From something I just expected to do for myself and my partner, turned into something a lot of people enjoy and it’s just crazy, I think the only negative with it going the way that it is, is that I have to keep going and keep posting, I thought well I’m committed to it now.”

“For me, it’s giving the people the realisation on Motherhood. I think it’s really nice to be able to tell it how it is and not sugar coat everything, because that’s not what being a Mum is.”

Sarah added, “Eevie has added such value to my life, and I love having the opportunity to share my thoughts and experiences in regards to being a first time mother.”

Join the ‘Raising Eevie journey on Facebook ‘Raising Eevie’ or check out the blog at  https://silver-tinge.wixsite.com/website

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