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Mums looking forward to having a beautiful night together

Mums looking forward to having a beautiful night together

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Mums, lock in those babysitters for Saturday September 7, and get ready to have a well-deserved night off with an awesome tribe of women! Non-mums - you are invited also!

Mum Fest Central West is proud to present the very first offline festival event held at the Greenhouse. Designed for a night of fun, pampering and friendships, it will also feature a talk from film Director, Author and instigator of the Global Body Image movement, Taryn Brumfitt.

The idea came from Amorette Zielinski, who moved to Orange six years ago and due to feeling isolated as a new Mum, and who was also heavily pregnant, started the ‘Central West Mums -NSW’ Facebook page. A page designed for support and connection for Mums in our region.

“I ploughed through a difficult time and thought to myself I need to start a group like this because there must be all of these other women feeling the same. When I started the group, it took off pretty quickly, I think people just genuinely wanted to have a group like that bringing lots of content, ideas and what’s on. I drove most of the content in the beginning and now everyone puts so much stuff up, now that the community has grown which is fantastic.”

After applying for a grant through Facebook, Amorette thought this was her opportunity to organise an event for the group.

“This community event has brought so much excitement to the group, I’ve tried to make it about mental health and wellbeing, and also about fun and networking and support, because there are a lot of ladies out there who still don’t know people, the same position I was in six years ago. Now they have that network instantly there on ‘Central West Mums - NSW’, we are trying to bridge that gap between the online group and the offline community.”

“As a result of organising the event, a lot more people have now found out about the online community group, and that’s been great, it has strengthened it even more, which is what it is all about. I want Mums to feel like they have each other’s back and can keep supporting one another. I think it’s important when you are geographically isolated as well, some may be living out of town and don’t come into town often and others may live in town but may be dealing with social anxiety, so they like to have that online connection with the group. This is bringing a lot of people out and making them feel completely secured and loved.”

The Centre for Rural and Remote Mental Health will be a part of the event as well as Di Gill. Along with guest speakers mentioned, you can expect a pamper corner and BYO dancing shoes to dance the night away to retro and anthems. Amorette added, “We will have lots of beautiful things going on for all women, it’s all-inclusive, not only for Mums. I’m looking forward to bringing together this community that I’m not necessarily seeing face to face, and bringing them into one space to have a beautiful night together, as well as meeting those faces, we have some very entertaining Mums in the group so I’m really looking forward to putting names to faces.”

 “I really want to see Di Gill and Taryn Brumfitt get those messages across to women about every facet of themselves - like their mental health and wellbeing, how they are feeling with their body, obviously so much changes when you have a child that can affect you in all sorts of ways.

Amorette hopes that this event becomes the staple for an annual event, one that only gets bigger and better.

I hope this is an upbeat and uplifting night that’s fun, safe and a trusted environment for all who come along.”

There are Pay it Forward tickets that are available for ladies who are going through financial hardships or in any situation where they would love to attend yet cannot afford it.

Ticket: $45 (plus booking fee) includes a welcome drink of Swift Rosé Sparkling, decadent grazing tables, wood fired pizza, spa/pamper and well-being activities and more. Fabulous lucky door prizes to the value of over $4,000 to be won too!

For more information or to grab a ticket head to ‘Mum Fest Central West’ online

Photos by Emily Ellis of Em and the Wild Things

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