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Canowindra Sunday Session celebrates 1st Birthday with Lance Birrell

Canowindra Sunday Session celebrates 1st Birthday with Lance Birrell

Canowindra’s popular ‘Sunday Sessions at The Bowlo’ are going to be celebrating Father’s Day along with their first birthday this September!

From 3pm, 1 September, the Bowlo will be firing up the barbecue for a few sausage

Sandwiches, there will be plenty of cake for everyone, and of course great music!

“A big celebration needs a great performer and we are proud to have renowned

guitarist and performer Lance Birrell joining us!” said Music at the Bowlo founder and coordinator Eleena Markrow.

Now residing in Dubbo, Lance is well known on the local country circuit and is a regular performer at Tamworth Country Music Festival every year.

Kicking off his career in the late 80s playing guitar at country music club shows in South Australia, Lance has been heavily involved in the Country music scene for many years.

He has worked and toured with artists such as Troy Cassar-Daley, Adam

Harvey, Becky Cole and Keith Urban while he was in Australia.

“I play and listen to a lot of different music and genres. I grew up learning to play the

guitar to bands like the Shadows and had influences from bands like the Eagles and

Dire Straits as a teenager in the 80s — I still perform 80s rock nights at certain venues!” said Lance.

“I am looking forward to performing for the people of Canowindra. I grew up in

country South Australia so I have a great connection with country and rural people,

who really enjoy live music and love to dance and have a great time… Looking forward to a great fun show!”

Lance just released a new single; an original instrumental track called “Trailblazer” and he will be performing it live on the day.

Sunday Sessions at The Bowlo, Sunday 1 September 3-6pm at the Canowindra Community Bowls and Recreation Club.

Contact Eleena Markcrow at musicatthebowlo@gmail.com or on Facebook @sundaysessionsatthebowlo

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