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Under 18’s Dance Party to build up our spirits

Under 18’s Dance Party to build up our spirits

“To me music is like one language that everybody knows no matter where you are from,” says 15-year-old Gianrico Wynn.

A budding DJ and musician, Gianrico has been playing music ever since he could hold a trumpet. He is now looking to share his love of electronic dance music by holding an under 18s dance party for Orange teens, all while raising money and awareness of youth mental health issues.

“I’d always been aware of depression and anxiety, especially here in rural areas and with the drought at the moment, but a few months ago my mate took his life and that really hit me,” said Gianrico.


“I thought, geez, I know I'm only 14 but what can I do to help? Well, I thought my passion for music and DJing can surely help…  kids love parties and so I thought I can DJ at that party and we can get Headspace involved, make it a charity event and we can raise awareness and at the same time and hopefully people can have a good time.”

The Under 18s event, which will be held at the Orange Showground Agricultural Pavilion on September 14, is strictly drug and alcohol free, with a percentage of the profits going to youth mental health organisation Headspace.

“Kids are talking about it, which is great. And Headspace have been very positive about it and have been supporting us, which has been awesome,” said Gianrico.

“In Orange, I find personally, there is not really anything for teens — there is the pubs for 18 plus but nothing for younger kids — which is why I really wanted to do this.”


Gianrico was first introduced to electronic dance music by his older brother and has been making his only music since he was 11.

“I found out the world of DJing and I loved it! I got immersed in it and started DJing myself… but I started really getting into it the last two years,” he said.

“It is just so different; it tells a story without needing words and there is something about it that just clicks with me, I honestly can't explain it… When I hear it, I get moving and I love it. It just brings up my spirits and I find it brings up everyone else’s spirits. I feel like I can tell so much of a story through my music.”

Mafia Events Under 18s Dance Party will be held at the Orange Show Ground Agricultural Pavilion on September 14, 6.30pm-10pm. Tickets at Eventbrite.

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