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Healthy discussion around the future of Health

Healthy discussion around the future of Health

Technology impacts on every facet of our day to day lives, but what lies ahead in the future for health care?

Next week, you are invited to join representatives from Orange Health Service, Charles Sturt University and local technology entrepreneurs for a presentation and panel discussion on health innovation in the Central West.

Hosted by the Regional NSW Tech and Entrepreneurship Group — a group of local professionals who are looking to foster the innovation in the Central West — the session aims to inform interested community members and maybe even inspire new entrepreneurs.

“Our group is just a number of local business people who’ve all got together to try and inspire the local community around innovation and entrepreneurship,” said Rick Hollingworth, co-founder of "YourLink" a local start-up looking to use smart technology to improve quality of life and health outcomes for seniors.

Founded twelve months ago, the Regional NSW Tech and Entrepreneurship Group have hosted a number of events covering topics such as Agtech, Learning from Failure and Smart Cities, which was part of the 2019 Orange Tech Expo.

“This event is all about innovation around health,” said Rick. “Health being one of our biggest employers and something that affects every single one of us in the Central West. So this is an opportunity to hear from CSU Professor Bryant and also to hear from Orange Health Service and then ask questions at an open forum.”

It is a great opportunity for people to share their own ideas on how to improve the health system and patient experiences, he said.

“Come along, have your say, ask questions,” said Rick. “We will have a mic running around and we find that empowering. I learn something every single time we hold one of these events.

“Come along and ask those questions you've always wanted to know. So, things like how is innovation being put in place in rural NSW? How is that going to affect our lives? Hear from the organisations that are actually doing that.”

‘Health innovation in the Central West’ will be held 6-8pm, 15 August at the Templer's Mill Bar, Charles Sturt University Orange Campus. Numbers are limited and registrations is essential: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/regional-nsw-health-innovation-tickets-64992

Contact regionaltechentrepreneurs@gmail.com for more information.

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Chris Brown and Julse Kropp Lakeshore

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