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Independent country stars to shine in homegrown showcase

Independent country stars to shine in homegrown showcase

Justin Landers is hoping his Country Radio Stars Showcase will be just the first of many for Orange.

Justin, or “Ned” as he is more often called, is passionate about country music and he has brought together four of his talented friends to show Orange the best of the independent country music scene.

Justin has been performing throughout the Central West for nearly two decades and knows just how difficult it can be to get recognised as an independent artist, which is why decided to put the showcase together.

“A mate of mine put a small proposal to me which I just then blew into a bigger idea,” said Justin.

“So, I invited four good friends along — and these artists have all helped me in some way or another since my beginnings in country music, whether that be providing advice or actually performing on my debut album — so I thought let's bring these guys together and bring them to Orange and we'll hold a showcase!”

Sharing the stage with Justin at the Country Radio Stars Showcase will be the very talented Michelle Walker (Tully Qld), gifted multi-instrumentalist Lance Birrell (Dubbo NSW), Good Morning Country Radio presenter and renowned balladeer Kylie Adams-Collier (Kenthurst NSW) and country/folk songstress Vanessa Delaine (Wodonga VIC).

“All of these artists have charted in the radio charts around Australia at various levels and they'll all be showing off their original music as well as their favourite artists — there'll be something for everyone,” said Justin.

“We've sold a lot of tickets already, so people need to get in pretty quick because they may miss out. At $15 it’s pretty cheap, and it is an awesome line-up — it’s going to be a good show!”

And if Justin has his way, it won’t be the last for Orange.

“That’s the plan. If this show does well, I hope to do maybe two of these a year with different artists from all over Australia, it might grow into a festival! But this is the first one, so we'll start at the beginning and see how it goes from there.”

The Country Radio Stars Showcase will be held in the Auditorium of the Orange City Bowling Club on Saturday 17t August 2019 at 8pm.

Tickets are $15 available from the Orange City Bowling Club Reception.

The smiling faces tell the story!

The smiling faces tell the story!

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