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Rural Women’s Access Group Information Day

Rural Women’s Access Group Information Day

On Saturday August 17, the Rural Women’s Access Group (RWAG) are inviting the public to their information day at the Lucknow Hall.

A partnership between NSW Country Women’s Association, Health Services and Women in the Community, are coming together to celebrate 30 years.

The voluntary group was formed in 1988, during a year of drought after a National Farmsafe Conference. It was there and then confirmed the importance of women as decision makers and change agents for their own health, and the health of their families.

Its aim, to reduce social isolation of women in their communities, to improve the physical, social and psychological wellbeing of rural women and their families, as well as increasing the knowledge of rural women about important health issues.

Mrs. Betty McDonald OAM has been involved with The Rural Women’s Access Group from its founding, she explained, “I think there is a great need, still, for the public to learn about what is going on in the hospitals and the health sector.

“Medical Science is moving so rapidly, it’s sometimes hard to keep up, I take my hat off to the experts that are working in research and finding new things. I honestly believe before long they will find a cure to overcome the cancer cell. We’ve got some very clever people in the medical world and I think the public need to know about it.”

Secretary Sandra Cheney said, “We hope to attract all ages, of both men and women. We are doing as much with men as we are with women now, and we have plenty of male speakers, so that’s exciting for us. It’s not only an opportunity to learn about health, it’s an opportunity to get involved and contribute, especially during the information days.”

Women’s Health worker, Anne Smart who has been with the group since 1999 explained, “I think there needs to be an older women’s voice in both rural, remote and regional areas. This group in particular, focuses on making a difference in people’s lives, hearing such a diverse range of speakers, who are experts in their fields, this group contributes so much to the community as a whole and is a great support of women- for women.”

The Information Day will kick off from 9am, with morning tea and lunch provided. There is also a chance to win some prizes with a raffle and lucky door prizes. Please RSVP by Friday, August 9. Guest speakers include;

My Aged Care - Nicole Gill -UPA

Tai Chi - Anne Smart – Women’s Health Nurse Consultant

Digestive health - Dr Darryl Mackender - Gastroenterologist

Parkinson’s Disease -Dr Emma Blackwood - Neurologist

Skin Cancer/Melanoma - Dr Michael Sobotta – Central West Skin Cancer Clinic

My Health Record - Brooke Winterton – Digital Health Officer

How can you get involved?

Membership for RWAG is free!
Meetings are held in Orange quarterly at Kenna Hall hosting a guest speaker. Please contact Secretary, Sandra Chenney on 0403 644 993.

Healthy discussion around the future of Health

Healthy discussion around the future of Health

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