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Choirs raise voices for Alwyn

Choirs raise voices for Alwyn

The Orange Male Voice Choir are holding a special benefit concert next week to support one of their own.

Alwyn Roweth joined the choir in 1983 and has been an active and enthusiastic member over the past 36 years.

But now the choir is looking to give back to Alwyn, who is in need of your help.

“Alwyn had a quad bike accident a couple of years ago on his farm,” said Orange Male Voice Choir secretary David Woodside.

“The bike overturned and pinned him underneath it and as a result of that he has become a quadriplegic.”

“He was in a really, really bad way,” added President Don Harvey, “but he has made absolutely fantastic progress. He is back singing with us now and comes to our rehearsals, but this benefit concert is something we've had on the cards a long time to actually do something to assist him.”

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The Orange Male Voice Choir will be joined by the Cantar Community Choir for the benefit concert at 2pm Sunday, 29 September at the Orange Regional Conservatorium.

The two choirs will perform separately and the join together for some show-tunes.

“The Con holds about 200 people and we are hoping to fill it,” said David. “It will be entry at the door with a banknote donation and there will be an afternoon tea available $2 for tea or coffee $5 with a small plate of cake or slice. All of the proceeds are going to go to Alwyn and family.

“The choir just wants to do what it can to raise some funds for his current and future needs.”

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