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FoodCare Moves into New Premises

FoodCare Moves into New Premises

FoodCare has moved from the Glenroi Community Centre to its brand new home at 142,  March St. and will be opening the new shop on 1 October 2019.

FoodCare president Anne Hopwood said it was also extending the opening hours from the current Tuesday and Thursday mornings to also open on Wednesday mornings (all 10.30am-1pm) and on Thursday afternoons (4.30pm-6pm).

Ms Hopwood said they would continue to provide transport for people seeking to use the facility on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

FoodCare sells food at a substantially discounted rate to people in need.

Some food is collected from the major supermarkets, local orchardists and even donated by home gardeners who have surplus produce.

There has been an amazing volunteer effort to get the new premises ready and moving everything into 142 March Street.

The organisation needs more volunteers to help the current crew of 50 people who operate the food relief and food rescue operation because the shop will be open for longer.

Anyone interested in volunteering should attend an information day at the new headquarters on Wednesday September 25 from 10.30am-noon.

Ms. Hopwood said - "There are a number of roles. There is working in the shop, collecting food rescued from supermarkets and there is driving the bus. Hours are flexible and volunteers working in the shop work one week on, one week off" she said.

FoodCare Committee member Emma Dresser said ‘we would like to thank all of the volunteers who have made this move successful.  Thanks also to Orange City Council for giving us a home for the past five years and for all the residents of Glenroi who shopped with us.  We hope to see you all again on Tuesday 1st October.’

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