Memoe Jarallah

“I'm actually from the Gold Coast. I moved to Orange a year ago to focus solely on training Mixed Martial Arts and I'm hoping I'll turn professional and make a career out of it.”

Justin “Ned”Landers

I was born in Orange, but I grew up out west in Cobar — Dad was a shearer’s cook and farm hand. A lot of the places out there you couldn't get TV, so our only entertainment was Mum's records and I just loved listening to them

A Tribute to a good bloke

Alf Manciagli is a well-known professional photographer and businessman in Orange. I’ve known him personally for about 10 years and although not close friends, I have come to appreciate him as being a good man, a great bloke and a proud supporter of anything that promotes Orange.

Jake Kelly

“Football has been a big part of my life, I’ve never really known anything else, it’s always just been something I was very passionate about and wanted to give my best in.”