Happy 100th Minnie!

Last week we had Helen Ross pop into our office to share the news her Aunt, Minnie Whalan had reached the spectacular age of 100! Such a milestone deserves sharing and OC Life is delighted to do that with our readers. Some will no doubt know Minnie. Thanks Helen!

When God calls

Orange locals, Danny and Jen Cooke along with their four children; Ebony, Willow, Micah and Ezra, will be flying out to live in Tanna, Vanuatu in February where they will greet their new lifestyle with open arms. Their reason for going is to assist and serve a Christian ministry on the island.

Back to work!

When I lived in Dubbo there was a well-known and jovial newsagent who, when people checked their lottery tickets with him and found out they didn't win anything, he would say "Back to work!"