Alistair Fleming and Kristian Garlick

There are many reasons why people choose to train martial arts; for some it is the discipline and the satisfaction of acquiring new skills, for others it is for self-defence or simply a fun way to keep fit, but for amateur mixed martial artists Kristian Garlick and Alistair Fleming it’s a way of life.

Blayney Public finding their SPARKE

The entire school community at Blayney Public are busy creating, directing and producing their own short films, getting ready for their in-school film night .. of the SPARKE Learning Network, which will then be premiered at the SPARKE film fest, set to launch in October.

A Tribute to a good bloke

Alf Manciagli is a well-known professional photographer and businessman in Orange. I’ve known him personally for about 10 years and although not close friends, I have come to appreciate him as being a good man, a great bloke and a proud supporter of anything that promotes Orange.

Jake Kelly

“Football has been a big part of my life, I’ve never really known anything else, it’s always just been something I was very passionate about and wanted to give my best in.”