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Harris Scarfe no longer anchor tenant in City Centre redevelopment

Harris Scarfe no longer anchor tenant in City Centre redevelopment

Changes to redevelopment plans for the former Myer site would see a major retail tenancy replaced by a number of smaller retail tenancies and a food court.

In a development application submitted to Council, the developer of the Orange City Centre has proposed a reconfiguring of the tenancies, removing their major tenant site and creating smaller tenancies along with a food court, seating and children’s play area.

Harris Scarfe had been announced as the major tenant for the redevelopment of the site, replacing Myer, which closed their Orange operations in January last year.

Orange City Council has previously approved plans that included one major tenant, one mini major, 15 retail tenancies and two kiosks. The proposed amendment would see that changed to one mini major, 20 retail tenancies, six food court tenancies and five kiosks. 


The shopfronts and seating area have also increased in size for the proposed Post Office Lane development on the eastern side of the building.

The developers say that despite the changes it is ‘substantially the same development’ previously approved by Council.

There is no changes to the height or floor space of the previously approved plan, and the overall bulk and scale of the building envelope remain the same apart from a new ‘butterfly roof and skylight over the food court.

The heritage facade will remain and access and parking arrangements are unchanged.

“Overall the substance of the development has not changed and accordingly the proposal is substantially the same as approved,” reads the DA.

“The modification seeks adjustments to some conditions of consent to enable a viable and workable retail centre.”

The development application is on public display at Orange City Council’s offices on the corner of Byng Street and Lords Place.


The sooner this development happens the better, and I for one don’t mind who they put in there. I’ve noticed a survey being conducted elsewhere asking the public if they want a major retailer in there or not? It’s OK to ask the public about their preference but the fact remains, what the public thinks or wants won’t change anything. Orange wants the building functioning at full capacity again, the Developers want the complex filled with tenants and both Council and the Developers will do whatever it takes to achieve that. Who they end up with is anybody’s guess and it will come down to who wants to be there and is prepared to make a commitment. Asking the public what they want may be a novel idea, but it will have no bearing whatsoever on what businesses end up there.

We’re this ( - ) close!

We’re this ( - ) close!