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Former Socceroo Captain is Coming to Orange!

Former Socceroo Captain is Coming to Orange!

An exciting opportunity is coming to the Orange and surrounds soccer community. Ex Socceroo player/captain, Paul Wade, is one of Australia’s greatest and longest serving Socceroo’s. ‘Wadey’ as he is known around the world has had a remarkable international career including playing in two World Cups and the Olympic Games.


Between March 1-7, Wade will be partnering with the Waratahs Football Club, travelling here to highlight the importance and encouraging female participation in rural and remote areas. Although focusing on this, juniors, seniors, male and female- everyone is welcome to come along, whether you are a soccer guru, or you’d like to start pulling on the boots each week, you are invited to attend.


Whilst all clinics are free for participants, the Gala evening will have a cost involved. It will be held on the Saturday night at Waratahs Football Club where Paul will give a speech focused on inspiration and motivation, as well as providing some entertaining narratives from his international career and his journey with epilepsy. 


Waratahs Football Club President, Darren Sinclair said “Promoting women’s football, especially in Orange is something we really wanted to put forward. We hope this visit from ‘Wadey’ brings a bit more interest in the up and coming season, and provide the opportunity for all clubs, and new players to the sport to come up and have a bit of a training session, some fun and maybe find some inspiration in it all.”


Waratahs Football Club Secretary, Robyn Churchland said, “I think that being able to work with an ex Socceroo captain (someone who’s famous) and played at such a high level, the kids and even the big kids, they will really listen and connect with him.”


Registrations are necessary for the event, more information or to register please contact Waratahs Soccer Club President, Darren Sinclair on 0419 293 952 or Secretary, Robyn Churchland on 0405 604 126


Program: (To see full activity please contact Darren or Robyn)


Friday March 1:             5pm-7pm: Juniors Training Session with Paul

Saturday March 2:         9-9:30am: Paul Wade Welcome

                                      9:45am-11:45am: Juniors World Cup Round Robin Competition

                                      1pm-3pm: Seniors World Cup Round Robin Competition

                                      6pm- 10pm: Gala Evening at Waratahs with Paul as Guest Speaker

Sunday March 3:           10am-1pm: Motivational Brunch as well as coaching and training/tips Q and A’s.

                                      2pm-4pm: Training for seniors with Paul (men and women)

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