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Ed Newton from Tyresplus Orange

Ed Newton from Tyresplus Orange

You’ve been in the local transport game for more than 20 years, but I understand you have recently opened your own tyre fitting business?

Yes, it is something I’d been thinking about for a couple of years and only recently kicked into place six months ago.

What made you want to start selling tyres yourself?

I found the tyres I was buying here were up to $200 dearer than what I could buy in Sydney! My mate Josh has ten years tyre fitting experience and so we spoke about it and decided to do it as we believed we could offer our community a better deal.

Are the tyres you sell the same brands you’ll see in other tyre sellers?

Everything we sell here is equivalent quality and safety standards, everything is the same, it is just that name on the sidewall they get you with. I don't see the sense in paying $400 for a tyre that is made to the same specs, the same speed, the same wear rating that I can sell to you for $250.

That seems like quite a significant price difference?

I believe we are very competitive on prices in most cases, but some cheap tyres I just won’t stock. As a local I can't afford to sell rubbish. If I sold rubbish, I wouldn't be here long. The tyres we stock are tyres that have been proven in Australia for more than 15 years. That is an important thing for me, there is no tyre in this place that I wouldn't run on my own truck or my own car.

Do you stock tyres to suit most vehicles?

Yes, most people can ring up we will sort it out, no dramas. And pensioners, senior’s card holders, we'll give you 5 per cent off the cost of the tyre, because we believe our community is important and our community’s safety is important. Most people can't afford to go throw a thousand dollars’ worth of tyres on their cars, but they want to know that what they spend their money on is good value and that is what we offer - quality at the best prices.


Tyresplus Orange
3 Redmond Place, Orange
6260 3889

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