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Senior Centre Chair Yoga

Senior Centre Chair Yoga

Caption: Participants of the popular Chair Yoga at the Senior Centre holding a namaste pose after completing their class.

When thinking of joining a yoga class you might be worried that you may struggle to get up and down off the floor, but here is where the Senior Centre have you covered.

The Senior Centre are running a chair yoga class every Monday from 10.30am-11.30am and the class has become quite popular.

Yoga Teacher, Kerry Bezerstock said, “This class started about three years ago. I am a retired yoga teacher and Carol asked me to hold this class. Three years later we have grown, and it has been a challenge for me because when they asked me to do it, it hadn’t been done”.

Carol Firkin has been attending the class right from the beginning. and here is why she keeps coming back.

“I had been doing it before and I had been going along well doing the exercises sitting down. It is good for your balance, from then I just dragged everybody else along,” said Carol.

The group is primarily made up of people aged 60-90 years old, however younger participants are also welcomed.

Kerry said, “Every week someone says I am now confident walking down stairs. Somebody said to me the other week that they could do their bra up on their own again. I am always getting feedback on how people are improving”.

The class participants all had wonderful stories to share.

Dorothy Brown said, “The relaxation has been good because I have a busy life, I find coming to these classes helps me relax, which doesn’t happen very often”.

June Mason said, “I think the stretching and my balance has improved so much. I think our teacher makes it so great as well”.

Olga Tobin said, “I developed bad posture through arthritis in my hip and back and I have only been a few times and I am finding that I am getting stronger and I can keep my back straight which is great”.

Meg Burrell said, “It is the only way to go if you want to be healthier in later life. Don’t think about it, just do it. I was on a walking stick and I don’t need it any more, only to hit someone (laughs)”.

Kerry works closely with every participant to tailor each pose to them and she assures us that all abilities are welcome.

Nyree Reynolds attended the class for the first time when we caught up with the group.

“Being my first class, I didn’t know what to expect but I loved it. A friend got me along and I hope to keep coming back”.

If you are interested in finding out more or heading along to chair yoga contact Kerry on 0418 235 495.

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