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Isaac’s incredible achievement

Isaac’s incredible achievement

A 14-year-old from Orange has been selected in the Australian National Junior Dragon Boating team and he’s pretty excited to have been given this opportunity. 

Isaac Sewak has only been dragon boating for just over a year now, so it is a pretty incredible achievement to already be competing at this level.

“I think it is amazing. I feel really great. I will be competing next year in August. I will be going to Thailand for the World Cup Dragon Boating Competition,” said Isaac.

Isaac had to compete with people all across the country to qualify for the Australian team and his coach Pearl Butcher from Pinnacle Dragons says that Isaac is very committed.

“We are all very proud of him. He has really worked hard for this. Right from the start he has been so dedicated. When we do stroke correction he always listens and reacts promptly.

“To qualify he had trials in Sydney which was just NSW, then in Queensland it was people from all over Australia and he was chosen from 94 others. The team is now down to 40 as they will probably take two teams. You have 22 in the boat at once with a drummer and a steerer,” said Pearl.

Isaac has begun preparation for the event which includes some intense training sessions says Pearl.

“He will be working on everything leading up to the event. He will have some training camps that he will go to with the full Australian team.

“The idea is to get as much training on the water as he can, keep up his fitness levels on land and that’s it,” said Pearl.

And how did Isaac get started?

Pearl said, “He came over one day to watch, and I said nobody watches, jump in so that is what he did”.

Isaac added, “I like the feeling I get when I am dragon boating out on the water. It is more of a full body exercise, not just your arms. I’m really looking forward to racing with the Australian team. I would also like to say thanks to my coach Pearl and my mum and dad”.

Well done Isaac, a truly incredible achievement!

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