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LF Joinery - Luke Fogarty

LF Joinery - Luke Fogarty

Luke Fogarty is a young joiner who’s focussed on quality. Since stepping out on his own two years ago, Luke has quietly built a reputation for careful, detailed workmanship and has a string of satisfied customers ready to vouch for him.

“I’ve always had a passion for what I do and always had that vision of going out on my own one day,” said Luke, who apprenticed as a joiner and carpenter here in Orange.

“I always knew I wanted to create something of my own and so two years ago the opportunity came up and I took it.”

Luke’s business, LF Joinery is focussed on providing quality, custom joinery to the Orange District, specialising particularly in remodelling kitchens.

“Kitchen renovations is where I focus on, but I do new homes too,” said Luke. “Not only that, I can do a range of things — bathroom vanities, laundries, custom made furniture, commercial fit outs.”

Everything Luke does is by hand as he has a real passion for precision.

“By doing it all by hand I make sure everything is right, everything is to the millimetre and that’s how I like to work,” said Luke.

“I focus on more detailed joinery. I definitely take pride in my work and I strive to make it good quality, every bit of it. From the very beginning, I go on site and I'll inspect the area and I'll do it all from start to finish. I'll take the old kitchen out and customise the new one to that exact area. I work to what I've got, so everything is completely custom.”

From Country-style kitchens to modern fitouts, Luke is up for any job big or small.

“A lot of my work previously was with Shaker-style doors and Hampton-style kitchens which is a bit of a trend, but I can definitely do all different types of kitchens,” he said.

“And I've got previous experience in carpentry, building houses from the ground up, not just joinery... so I've also got building qualifications behind me and my kitchen, bathroom, laundry renovation licences as well so I can do a range of things.

“If someone wanted a whole remodel, I could do all the demolition, all the framework and all the carpentry side of it as well — the whole job from start to finish.”

Another area Luke is passionate about is making custom furniture. He has designed and built a number of bespoke pieces for home and commercial premises.

“Making furniture is something I started out doing and have a passion for,” said Luke.
“Obviously competing with imported projects it's hard, but there are clients who like custom built furniture, from small TV units to something bigger— I can definitely do that as well. Everything I do, I focus on trying to make the best product I can.”

You can check out Luke’s work by searching for LF Joinery on Facebook and Instagram or contact him via the details below.

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