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‘Art’ takes theatre off the stage

‘Art’ takes theatre off the stage

Orange’s newest group of community thespians are taking their first production out of the theatre and into the more intimate setting of the Peisley Street Gallery.

Pinnacle Players was formed several months ago with the aim of staging plays outside of traditional theatre spaces.

Their first production ‘Art’, a comedy by award winning playwright Yasmina Reza, looks at the change in dynamics of the friendship between three men after one of them pays an inordinate amount of money for a controversial artwork.

The cast features local actors Alvaro Marques as Marc, Nick Tucknott as Serge and Mark Coster as Yvan.

“Our vision is to create unique theatre experiences,” said Pinnacle Players director Peter Young. “What we are trying to do is match works with venues so obviously what better place to do a show about art, than an art gallery!”

‘Art’ (originally written in French) premiered in Paris before moving to London’s West End and later Broadway.

Alvaro says he was drawn to the script as it was a play which hasn’t been performed in Orange before and he loved the character of Marc.

“This is an exciting opportunity to work with a new company and continue with my love of acting and performing,” said Alvaro, who was also intrigued by the idea of performing theatre in such an unusual space.

“‘Art’ is about art, so having it take place in the gallery here makes it more interesting in a way,” he said.

“The challenges for us, are that we have quite a small working space, we are very close to the audience. It is interesting doing a play like this.”

“Yes,” added Nick. “It is a really new experience being in a venue where it is so intimate and I have no real orchestra pit barrier between myself and the audience, being able to see everyone and everyone, being able to see me so up close and personal.”

While art is key to the story, Nick said it is really a story of relationships.

“It’s about these friends, who have been friends for a long time, and how they relate and how they talk to each other, how the challenge each other in a sense,” he said.

“So, your preconceptions will be challenged around friendships and what they mean to you and how you see yourself within those friendships too.”

‘Art’ will be staged at the Peisley Street Gallery from July 19 – 27.

Tickets are on sale now from stagecenta.com

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