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Local talent on display - ART SOCIETY NEWS

Local talent on display - ART SOCIETY NEWS

Make time to stop by The Cultural Centre in Woolies Carpark to see the latest exhibition from the Orange Art Society — ‘Art from the Heart’.

The new exhibition was installed on Sunday and will run for the next two months, with all works available for sale at very reasonable prices.

Admission is free and the art rooms are open most days — If the door is open and the banner flying, they are open.

An official exhibition opening will be held Saturday 24 August at 6pm.

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And, in a new initiative for the art society, each month the exhibition will also include a special selection of work by a member artist.

This month’s featured artist is Orange’s Denis Bradley.

Denis was brought up on a farm in the Orange District and was always drawn to the landscapes around him.

“I envied those people who could paint and express their interpretations on canvas,” said Denis. “I thought that it was a natural ability that people had, and it was not until I did a Showcard and Ticket Writing TAFE course, I realised that it was a talent acquired by practice and study.”

So, after several years of putting brush to canvas, Denis began to exhibit and sell some of his pictures.

“The more I travelled around the country, the more beauty I could see, from the rugged Blue Mountains to the vastness and beauty of the outback and the cool ocean scenery,” said Denis.

“Even the things that I used to look at with horror like the devastation of droughts, floods and fire gave me a new image of their own beauty.”

Health problems have led to a change in Denis’ working situation, but he is making the most of it.

“I enrolled in a TAFE Arts Course to learn more and to develop my talents,” he said. “I have broadened my abilities by using other techniques in my art.”

Next month’s featured artist will be the talented Kelvin Hines.

Next month's featured artist Kelvin Hines .jpg
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